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Composite Manufacturing Technology

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1995 1994. Buch. xi, 433 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
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Some years ago in Paisley (Scotland) the International Conference on Composite Materials, headed by Professor I. Marshall, took place. During the conference, I presented a paper on the manufacturing and properties of the Soviet Union's composite materials. Soviet industry had made great achievements in the manufacturing of composite materials for aerospace and rocket applications. For example, the fraction of composites (predominantly carbon fibre reinforced plastics) in the large passenger aircrafts Tu-204 and 11-86 is 12-15% of the structure weight. The percentage by weight share of composites in military aircraft is greater and the fraction of composites (organic fibre reinforced plastics) used in military helicopters exceeds a half of the total structure weight. The nose parts of most rockets are produced in carbon-carbon materials. In the Soviet spacecraft 'Buran' many fuselage tubes are made of boron-aluminium composites. Carbon-aluminium is used for space mirrors and gas turbine blades. These are just a few examples of applications. Many participants at the Paisley conference suggested that the substantial Soviet experience in the field of composite materials should be distilled and presented in the form of a comprehensive reference publication. So the idea of the preparation and publication of a six volume work Soviet Advanced Composites Technology, edited by Professor I. Marshall and me, was born.



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