Brantley / Kubicki / White

Kinetics of Water-Rock Interaction

2007. Buch. xxiii, 833 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 978-0-387-73562-7
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Geochemical kinetics as a topic is now of importance to a wide range of geochemists in academia, industry, and government, and all geochemists need a rudimentary knowledge of the field. This book summarizes the fundamentals of geochemical kinetics with examples drawn especially from mineral dissolution and precipitation. It also encompasses discussion of high temperature processes and global geochemical cycle modeling. Analysis of textures of rocks, sediments, and mineral surfaces are incorporated throughout and provide a sub-theme of the book.
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All practitioners of geochemistry today need a thorough understanding of kinetics, including those in academia, government, and industry Will have textbook potential among upper division undergraduate and graduate students. The book will also be useful as a reference tool for practicing geochemists focussed on water-rock interaction, which has wide applications for hyrogeochemists, soil scientists, petrologists, economic geologists, and environment geologists in academia, industry, and applied laboratories
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