Quantitative Models for Value-Based Supply Chain Management

2012. Buch. XXIII, 219 S.: 35 s/w-Abbildungen, 24 s/w-Tabelle. Softcover
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Supply chain management (SCM) strives for creating competitive advantage and value for customers by integrating business processes from end users through original suppliers.  However, the question of how SCM influences the value of a firm is not fully answered. Various conceptual frameworks that explain the coherence of SCM and company value, comprehended as value-based SCM, are well accepted in scientific research, but quantitative approaches to value-based SCM are found rather seldom. The book contributes to this research gap by proposing quantitative models that allow for assessing influences of SCM on the value of a firm. Opposed to existing models that limit the observation to chosen facets of SCM or selected value drivers, this holistic approach is adequate to • reflect configurational and operational aspects of SCM,  • cover all phases of the product life cycle, • financially compare value impacts of profitability-related and asset-related value drivers, and • assess influences of dynamics and uncertainties on company value.
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Innovative approaches allow for measuring and comparing impacts of supply chain management on company value Developements in research on value-based supply chain management and all phases of the product life cycle   Industrial case examples illustrate the applicability and relevance for managerial practice