Brandão / Crispi / Oliveira

Atlas of Deep Endometriosis

MRI and Laparoscopic Correlations
1st ed. 2018. Buch. xii, 361 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 978-3-319-71696-1
Format (B x L): 21 x 27,9 cm
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This Atlas presents an MRI-based guide to the diagnosis, treatment and follow up of deep endometriosis. Developed by professionals with a extensive clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of deep endometriosis, it provides a global overview of the disease, from basic clinical aspects of imaging diagnosis, to the correlation with surgical findings and histopathological results. Deep endometriosis is a serious gynecological condition, which can severely impact on women’s quality of life. It shares the main features of regular endometriosis, but also displays a highly infiltrative pattern, involving multiple organs and leading to severe symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, chronic pelvic pain and dyspareunia.  Atlas of Deep Endometriosis – MRI and Laparoscopic Correlations is a complete guide, intended for radiologists, gynecologists and all other medical professionals interested on the diagnosis and treatment of deep endometriosis.
(NOTE:  This title was previously published in 2014 in Portuguese and Spanish and comes from our partnership with Brazilian publisher, Revinter.)
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An MRI-based guide, followed by laparoscopic and histopathological correlationsIntended for radiologists, gynaecologists and all other professionals interested in deep endometriosis Features a wealth of images, addressing the most important radiological aspects of deep endometriosis