Branco / Klautau / Vieira / Strube de Lima

Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language

9th International Conference, PROPOR 2010, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, April 27-30, 2010. Proceedings
2010. Buch. xii, 167 S.: 36 s/w-Abbildungen, Bibliographien. Softcover
Springer ISBN 978-3-642-12319-1
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The International Conference on Computational Processing of Portuguese—PROPOR —is the main event in the area of natural language processing that is focused on Portuguese and the theoretical and technological issues related to this language. It w- comes contributions for both written and spoken language processing. The event is hosted in Brazil and in Portugal. The meetings have been held in Lisbon/Portugal (1993), Curitiba/Brazil (1996), Porto Alegre/Brazil (1998), Évora/ Portugal (1999), Atibaia/Brazil (2000), Faro/Portugal (2003), Itatiaia/Brazil (2006) and Aveiro/Portugal (2008). This meeting has been a highly productive forum for the progress of this area and to foster the cooperation among the researchers working on the automated processing of the Portuguese language. PROPOR brings together research groups, promoting the development of methodologies, resources and projects that can be shared among all researchers and practitioners in the field. The ninth edition of this event was held in Porto Alegre, Brazil, at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS). It had two main tracks: one for language processing and another one for speech processing. This event hosted a special Demonstration Session and the first edition of the PhD and MSc Dissertation Contest, which aimed at recognizing the best academic work on processing of the Portuguese language in the last few years. This edition of the event featured tutorials on statistical machine translation and on speech recognition, as well as invited talks by renowned researchers of natural language processing.
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