Braimoh / Vlek

Land Use and Soil Resources

2008. Buch. xxii, 254 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 978-1-4020-6777-8
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Poor land management has degraded vast amounts of land, reduced our ability to produce enough food, and is a major threat to rural livelihoods in many developing countries. This book provides a thorough analysis of the multifaceted impacts of land use on soils. Abundantly illustrated with full-color images, it brings together renowned academics and policy experts to analyze the patterns, driving factors and proximate causes, and the socioeconomic impacts of soil degradation.



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Provides a thorough analysis of the causes and impacts of soil degradation Written by leading international experts Abundantly illustrated with full colour images
Herausgegeben von: link iconAdemola K. Braimoh und link iconPaul L.G. Vlek