Neuroprotective Natural Products

Clinical Aspects and Mode of Action
2017. Buch. Hardcover
Wiley VCH Verlag GmbH ISBN 978-3-527-34186-3
Format (B x L): 16.4 x 25.1 cm
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Focusing on the molecular mechanisms of powerful naturally occurring agents and their implication for drug discovery, this timely book presents an overview of the most recent research advances in the field of bioactive natural products and natural drug formulations to combat today's destructive diseases. To this extent, the authors discuss the most severe neurological disorders in our modern civilization, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's disease, as well as ischemic brain stroke and depression. The emerging diversity of active compounds is covered in detail, including flavonoids, cannabinoids and oleanolic acid, while experts in the field explain the chemistry, mode of action and clinical aspects of novel neuroprotective natural products. In each case, the benefits of treatments using natural products are addressed from the perspective of modern as well as traditional medicine. With its multidisciplinary viewpoint, this is the ideal companion for medicinal and natural products chemists as well as neuroscientists, biochemists, pharmacologists, neurobiologists, and phytotherapists.

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