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Re-thinking Diversity

Multiple Approaches in Theory, Media, Communities, and Managerial Practice
Multiple Approaches in Theory, Media, Communities, and Managerial Practice
1st ed. 2016 2015. Buch. vi, 305 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
Springer VS ISBN 978-3-658-11501-2
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This volume entails a collection of new ideas, themes and questions towards a phenomenon which we are used to refer to with the key term “diversity”. The aim of the book is to offer a cultural sciences perspective on “diversity”, to advance knowledge about it and enrich the dialogue between academics and practitioners in related domains of action. Today, changes in the demographic structures of the population, the migration flux, multiculturalism, the rising awareness concerning minorities’ rights, gender studies and so on lead to a complex picture of what “diversity” means. The narrative of a society and of most organizations is constituted by multiple layers of social categorization, segregation and identity. Therefore, “diversity” defies simple definition. The contributions in this volume approach the phenomenon from different angles and reveal new theoretical, methodological and practical perspectives on it.



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New articles in social sciences Re-thinking Diversity from a Cultural Science Perspective Practical Approaches and Applied Research on Diversity