Brady / Brown

Rock Mechanics

For underground mining
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3rd ed. 2006. Buch. xviii, 628 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
Springer ISBN 978-1-4020-2064-3
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This new edition has been completely revised to reflect the notable innovations in mining engineering and the remarkable developments in the science of rock mechanics and the practice of rock angineering taht have taken place over the last two decades. Although "Rock Mechanics for Underground Mining" addresses many of the rock mechanics issues that arise in underground mining engineering, it is not a text exclusively for mining applications. Based on extensive professional research and teaching experience, this book will provide an authoratative and comprehensive text for final year undergraduates and commencing postgraduate stydents. For profesional practitioners, not only will it be of interests to mining and geological engineers, but also to civil engineers, structural mining geologists and geophysicists as a standard work for professional reference purposes.



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Throughout, and particularly in those sections concerned with excavation design and design of mining layouts, reference is made to computational methods of analysis of stress and displacement in a rock mass. The principle of various computational schemes, such as boundary element, finite element and distinct element methods are considered. From reviews of earlier editions: "It is appropriate that these authors should have chosen to write a book devoted to mining rock mechanics; they are the ideal men for the job. The contents of the book are excellent and complete, and the text is well-written. The techniques and concepts have relevance to civil work as well as mining, and every rock mechanics engineer should have access to it." - Ground Engineering "The book remains a valuable teaching test and learning experience for both students and professionals. a book to put alongside Jaeger and Cook's Fundamentals of Rock Mechanics - a good enough recommendation for anyone" - Minerals Industry International