Bradshaw / Harris / Williams

Psychosocial Interventions for People with Schizophrenia

A Practical Guide for Mental Health Workers
2002. Buch. 292 S. Book. Softcover
Macmillan Education UK ISBN 978-0-333-77739-8
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Mental health care for people experiencing schizophrenia has changed dramatically over the last twenty years. This book draws on the expertise of a group of experienced clinical practitioners to provide an up-to-date understanding of this condition, and a practical guide to implementing evidence-based psychosocial interventions for people with schizophrenia. Written in a clear and accessible format, this book-covers the historical, social and political perspectives which give meaning to the current position of mental health care-includes up-to-date interventions framed within the context of peoples lives-describes how these interventions translate into specialist areas of practiceUsing a variety of clinical examples, this text provides a clear overview of schizophrenia, and serves as a comprehensive, practical guide to the understanding, treatment and management of this mental condition.
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