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Commercial Law

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2013. Buch. 1000 S. Softcover
Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0-19-928448-1
Format (B x L): 17,1 x 24,6 cm
In englischer Sprache
* Established as an authoritative text with a contextual and practical emphasis
* Excellent breadth of coverage and in-depth analysis of the legal problems created by modern commercial practice, including sale of goods
* A user-friendly structure, layout and style of writing that addresses this complex area of law in plain English, decompartmentalising the various elements
* Complemented by an Online Resource Centre that provides updates and web links to ensure readers are kept up-to-date with the latest developments in law and practice

New to this edition

* Expanded coverage of assignment
* Emphasis on theme of internationalisation with particular reference to moves to develop a European contract law
* Reference to additional secondary sources

Commercial Law has established itself in the market as the leading text for undergraduate and postgraduate students of commercial law topics, with a reputation for considerable accuracy and detail.

The new edition continues the emphasis on aspects of 'good faith' and the protection of reasonable expectations as key emerging themes but also focuses on the emergent theme of internationalisation, with particular reference to the moves to develop a "European" contract law.

Online Resource Centre
The book is complemented by a website providing updates to ensure students are kept aware of legal developments, as well as web links to useful resources.
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