Die Autorität des Sichtbaren

Religionsgravamina im Reich des 18. Jahrhunderts
2011. Buch. VI, 328 S. Hardcover
De Gruyter ISBN 978-3-11-025186-9
Format (B x L): 15,5 x 23 cm
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This book explores the disputes between Catholics and Protestants in the 18th century, a period which is often described as “enlightened” and in which such conflicts would therefore not seem typical. In particular, the book investigates to what extent the visibility of the conflicts in the media of the Early Modern Period played a role for the participants. Looking at different levels of the disputes at the same time, the study investigates a wide spectrum of conflicts - ranging from those that took place in small villages and in the larger territorial units of the so-called Old German Empire as well as those that took place in the arenas of Empire politics.


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