Boyle / Ramsay

Writing for Science Students

2017. Buch. Book. Softcover
Macmillan Education ISBN 978-1-137-57151-9
Format (B x L): 14.9 x 21.1 cm
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Catering to the specific needs of science students, this award-winning guide will equip students of all scientific disciplines with the skills they need to communicate effectively in written assignments.

The book guides students through each of the key stages involved in producing a piece of scientific writing. It begins by developing students' understanding of the different types of scientific writing, including lab reports, essays and abstracts. Students are then taken through the writing process, from the initial stages of interpreting the question and conducting research through to writing a draft and responding to feedback.

This is an essential resource for all science students who are required to produce lab reports, extended essays, dissertations and other written assignments as part of their course. It is also ideal for international students who are new to academic study in the UK.

Winner of the 2018 Academic Book Trade 'Book of the Year Award'.

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