International Public Health Policy and Ethics

2008 2014. Buch. vi, 297 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
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Public Health Policy and Ethics brings together philosophers and practitioners to address the foundations and principles upon which public health policy may be advanced – especially in the international arena. What is the basis that justifies public health in the first place? Why should individuals be disadvantaged for the sake of the group? How do policy concerns and clinical practice work together and work against each other? Can the boundaries of public health be extended to include social ills that are amenable to group-dynamic solutions? What about political issues? How can international finance make an impact? These are some of the crucial questions that form the core of this volume of original essays sure to cause practitioners to engage in a critical re-evaluation of the role of ethics in public health policy.



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World-renowned authors from five countries writing on a broad conception of public health—cutting edge Key insights into policy and ethics dealing with an avian flu epidemic, malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS, and gender atypical organization Key analysis of the crisis of water, sanitation, and disease Inclusion of torture, human rights, poverty reduction, and religious imperialism into the public health arena
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