Boyd / Mathuria

Protocols for Authentication and Key Establishment

2003. Buch. xxiv, 321 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 978-3-540-43107-7
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Protocols for authentication and key establishment are the foundation for security of communications. The range and diversity of these protocols is immense, while the properties and vulnerabilities of different protocols can vary greatly.
This is the first comprehensive and integrated treatment of these protocols. It allows researchers and practitioners to quickly access a protocol for their needs and become aware of existing protocols which have been broken in the literature.
As well as a clear and uniform presentation of the protocols this book includes a description of all the main attack types and classifies most protocols in terms of their properties and resource requirements. It also includes tutorial material suitable for graduate students.



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Clear and uniform description of a comprehensive range of protocols and attacks Thorough referencing of the recent and established literature A tutorial introduction for the beginner to the subject Coverage of protocol standards Comparison of protocol features and efficiency Overview of protocol analysis techniques