Tangible Interactive Systems

Grasping the Real World with Computers
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between tangible user interfaces (TUI) and tangible interactive systems (TISs),
this book takes into account not only the user interfaces but also looks at how
interaction can be enabled by using digital information through the physical
environment. TISs go far beyond the concept of tangible user interfaces,
addressing large complex systems in the framework of human-centred design and
putting the human at the center of the design process from the start.

can human-centered designers grasp the real world with computers? This question
is explored by looking at concepts such as innovation, complexity, flexibility,
maturity, stability, sustainability and art to see whether we can assess both
physical and figurative tangibility during the design process before product
delivery. Concepts like creativity, design thinking and team spirit are
fundamental to TIS’s human-centered design, and are presented together with
human-systems integration (HSI), agile development and formative evaluations to
build a greater understanding of this new area of research.

Interactive Systems would
be an essential read to designers, academics and other professionals concerned
with product design within HCI, industrial design, virtual engineering and
other related areas.
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Explores the shift from 20th century automation, incorporating software into hardware, to 21st century development of tangible interactive system from software Provides concepts and tools for designers, including the SFAC model and the Multiple V model (MVM) Addresses the challenges faced by researchers, designers and engineers regarding human-centered design