Box / Peet / Masuzawa / Yamada / Fujiwara / Maycock

Vegetation Science in Forestry

Global Perspective based on Forest Ecosystems of East and Southeast Asia
1995. Buch. x, 664 S.: 108 s/w-Tabelle, Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 978-0-7923-2679-3
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More than a decade has passed since Professor Gisela Jahn completed Volume 12 of the Handbook of Vegetation Science, dealing with the application of vegetation science in forestry, mostly European forestry. The volume was well received by the critics with the exception that they wanted a more diversified demonstration of forestry-related vegetation science work and a wider representation of forest types from different continents.
The topics covered in this volume, 12/1, widen the scope of vegetation science work in forestry over the phytosociological work which was the main focus in the Handbook as perceived by Dr Tüxen. Section 1. Overview - T. Kira: Forest Ecosystems of East and Southeast Asia in a Global Perspective;
- E.O. Box: Climatic Relations of the Forests of East and Southeast Asia;
- K. Iwatsuki: Species Diversity in East Asia in Global Perspective. The remaining contributions are divided into the following sections:
- Evergreen Forest Region;
- Summergreen Forest Region;
- Montane/Boreal Region;
- Tropical Forest Region.



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