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Living on the Edge

Iran and the Practice of Nuclear Hedging
1st ed. 2016. Buch. xxv, 189 S.: 1 s/w-Abbildung, Bibliographien. Hardcover
Palgrave Macmillan ISBN 978-1-137-27308-6
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In this book, the authors explore the controversial Iranian nuclear
programme through the conceptual lens of nuclear hedging.

In 2002, revelations regarding undeclared nuclear facilities thrust
Iran’s nuclear activities under the spotlight and prompted concerns that
Tehran was pursuing nuclear weapons. Iran has always denied nuclear weapons
aspirations, yet it cannot be disputed that the Islamic Republic has gone well
beyond what is required for a civil nuclear programme based on energy
production and scientific research.

What, then, is the nature and significance of Iran's nuclear behaviour?
Does it form part of a coherent strategy? What can Iran's actions in the
nuclear field tell us about Tehran's intentions? And what does the Iranian
case teach us about proliferation behaviour more generally?

This book addresses these
questions by exploring the nature of nuclear hedging and how this approach
might be identified, before applying this logic to the Iranian case. It
provides fresh insights into the inherently opaque area of nuclear
proliferation and a more nuanced interpretation of the Iranian nuclear
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Applies the concept of nuclear hedging to an examination of Iran’s nuclear behaviour Provides an in-depth analysis of the Iranian nuclear programme, and contributes to the conceptual literature that seeks to explain nuclear behaviour Relevant to both students of nuclear proliferation and security studies, and policy makers and other security practitioners seeking to better understand the challenges associated with preventing nuclear proliferation