Engineering Ethics

Challenges and Opportunities
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Engineering Ethics: Challenges and Opportunities aims to set a new agenda for the engineering profession by developing a key challenge: can the great technical innovation of engineering be matched by a corresponding innovation in the acceptance and expression of ethical responsibility? Central features of this stimulating text include:

·          An analysis of engineering as a technical and ethical practice providing great opportunities for promoting the wellbeing and agency of individuals and communities.

·          Elucidation of the ethical opportunities of engineering in three key areas:

­   Engineering for Peace, emphasising practical amelioration of the root causes of conflict rather than military solutions.

­   Engineering for Health, focusing on close collaboration with healthcare professionals for both the promotion and restoration of health.

­   Engineering for Development, providing effective solutions for the reduction of extreme poverty.

·          Innovative strategies for implementing these ethical opportunities are described:

­   Emphasis on the personal responsibility of every engineer and on the benefits of supporting social structures.

­   Use of language and concepts that are appealing to business managers and political decision makers.

·          Future prospects for increasing the acceptance and expression of ethical responsibility by engineers are envisaged.

·          Engineering Ethics: Challenges and Opportunities provides engineers, decision makers and the wider public with new understanding of the potential of engineering for the promotion of human flourishing.
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Highlights opportunities for engineers to promote the wellbeing and agency of others Proposes innovative strategies for the implementation of a new ethical agenda in engineering Provides approaches for increasing the expression of ethical responsibility by engineers