Bowell / Alpers / Jamieson / Nordstrom / Majzlan


Environmental Geochemistry, Mineralogy, and Microbiology
2014. Buch. XVI, 651 S.: 100 s/w-Abbildungen. Hardcover
De Gruyter ISBN 978-0-939950-94-2
Format (B x L): 15,5 x 23 cm
Gewicht: 500 g
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Environmental Mineralogy and Bio-Geochemistry of Arsenic provides a comprehensive understanding of arsenic geochemistry in the near-surface environment. Topics covered include the mineralogy, thermodynamics, geochemistry, analysis, microbiology, and bioavailability of arsenic, with emphasis on implications for arsenic toxicity, geochemistry in natural ground waters, and mine-associated impacts and possible mitigation options. This volume is useful for those seeking to understand arsenic geochemistry and biological interactions in the near-surface environment, Clay Minerals does not use an online manuscript tracking/submission system. as well those working for mining companies, the chemicals industry, NGO’s or government bodies concerned with reducing the impact of arsenic on the environment.
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