New Trends in Instrumentation for Hypersonic Research

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Because of the growing interest in hypersonic flows, the AGARD Fluid Dynamics Panel initiated a sub-working group on instrumentation for hypersonics in 1989. This sub-group, chaired by J. WENDT (VKI -Belgium), was composed of: A. BOUTIER (ONERA -France), K. BUTEFISCH (DLR -Germany), R. CATTOLICA (SANDIA Lab. -USA), V. CLINE (AEDC -USA), A. GIRARD (ONERA -France), R. McKENZIE (NASA Ames -USA), S. OCHELTREE (NASA Langley -USA) and G. SMEETS (ISL -Franco-German Inst.). As a result of several meetings, the idea came to organize this workshop, 27th April - 1st May 1992, on "New Trends in Instrumentation for Hypersonic Research", at Le Fauga-Mauzac ONERA center, in France, where the new hot-shot arc-heated facility F4, as well as a new conference building, were recently completed. This workshop has been organized in close connection with the AGARD FDP Symposium to be held in Torino 4 - 8 May 1992 on "Theoretical and Experimental Methods in Hypersonic Flows": the main conclusions and ideas expressed by the papers and during the discussions of this workshop are reported in session 7 and have been presented in Torino in a special Instrumentation session. As chairman of this workshop, I express many thanks to the Organizing Committee composed of Karl BUTEFISCH, Andre GIRARD, Stewart OCHELTREE and John WENDT for their very constructive help, leading to a meeting that was recognized to be very fruitful for all the participants.



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