Bousonville / Krebs / Rabhi

Proceedings of the 1st German-French Summer School on International Logistics

1. Auflage 2013. Buch. 184 S.: 45 Farbabbildungen, 16 s/w-Tabelle. Softcover
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Since the 80ties of the last century we have been confronted with a phenomenon that is commonly called “Globalization”. Today’s economies and companies are increasingly marked by the exchange of goods and services and the need for professionals with an international profile is obvious in many areas. This is especially true in logistics and supply chain management.

In this book we present the concept and the results of the “1st German-French Summer School on International Logistics”. The whole week was structured along four themes: “International Railway Services”, “International Procurement”, “International Supply Chain Design” and “Sustainable Logistics”. Each topic is introduced by German and French experts from academia and practice. The thematic overview is complemented by related case studies that were solved during the week by students from six different countries.

The book is interesting for anybody active in the field of international logistics and supply chain management. Additionally it demonstrates a successful didactic approach to train young professionals for their future tasks in international teams.
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