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French Seventeenth-Century Literature. Influences and Transformations

Essays in Honour of Christopher J. Gossip
2009. Buch. XVIII, 275 S. SoftcoverISBN 978-3-03911-537-2
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This volume of essays explores influences from Antiquity onwards that shaped the literary and cultural output of the French seventeenth century and the developments to which this period – the so-called ‘classical’ period – gave rise in later centuries.
The thirteen essays in English and French cover three major areas: the continuation in French seventeenth-century literature and cultural events of themes found in previous centuries; internal changes within the body of writings by French seventeenth-century playwrights; the influence of seventeenth-century French writers on later centuries.
The collection celebrates the life and scholarly achievements of the eminent dix-septiémiste Christopher J. Gossip, Emeritus Professor of French, University of New England, Australia.
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