Digital Futures, Digital Transformation

From Lean Production to Acceluction
1st ed. 2016 2015. Buch. xiii, 154 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 978-3-319-23278-2
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This book provides an integrated overview of key trends in digital transformation, taking into consideration five interrelated dimensions: strategy and business models, society, organization, technology and regulation. As such, it provides a framework for the analysis of digital business transformation and its emerging factors, analyzing twenty-five key trends in terms of their future impact. On that basis, the book then delineates a new approach centered on the mutually accelerating links between multiple value creation spaces. It proposes a new mode of production – accelerated production of links (acceluction) – and analyzes it with respect to the still-dominant concept of lean production. Based on the results of the international CIGREF research program ISD, the book presents a valuable perspective of the expected impact of the abundance of networks and data as critical resources for enterprises beyond 2020.



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Provides an integrated overview of digital transformation and delineates its implications for business modelling and decision-making Introduces a new concept for understanding the digital transformation: the accelerated production of links (acceluction) Provides an outlook on the expected impact of abundant networks and data as critical resources for enterprises for 2020 and beyond