Bouma / Ling / Pratt

Religious Diversity in Southeast Asia and the Pacific

National Case Studies
1st Edition. 2009. Buch. xx, 270 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 9789048133888
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Religious diversity is now a social fact in most countries of the world. While reports of the impact of religious diversity on Europe and North America are reasonably well-known, the ways in which Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific are religiously diverse and the ways this diversity has been managed are not. This book addresses this lack of information about one of the largest and most diverse regions of the world. It describes the religious diversity of 27 nations, as large and complex as Indonesia and as small as Tuvalu, outlining the current issues and the basic policy approaches to religious diversity. Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands are portrayed as a living laboratory of various religious blends, with a wide variance of histories and many different approaches to managing religious diversity. While interesting in their own right, a study of these nations provides a wealth of case studies of diversity management – most of them stories of success and inclusion.
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Describes the critical global issue of religious diversity and how it is managed in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific Provides an easily searchable, country-by-country description of the religious constituency and its history Is the result of a project of the UNESCO Chair in Interreligious and Intercultural Relations for Asia Pacific