Boulton / Baker / Greenshaw


1989. Buch. xxiv, 821 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Humana Press ISBN 978-0-89603-129-6
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The study of drug effects on behavior is truly a confluence of streams of neuroscience research. The material in this volume covers a broad range of methodology representative of practically the entire scope of psychopharmacology for conscious animals. The contributions in this book represent careful evaluations by experts who were invited to participate because of their excellent practical application of research design and methodology. In each case, a particularly useful and well-written contribution has been forthcoming, and should serve either as a valuable introduction to developing researchers or as a practical reference to those active in the field. The material is arranged in an intuitive hierarchy. This arrangement is based on what are ostensibly increasing levels of integrated activity of the nervous system and, therefore, increasing levels of behavioral integration. Nevertheless, as all of the areas covered are rather detailed in their levels of intrinsic complexity, this arrangement of chapters does not imply successively more intricate problems. The reader will find some overlap between chapters, but little interdependence, i.e., each may be read as a separate or as an integral part of the volume.



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