The Law of Globalization

An Introduction
2009. Buch. 440 S. Hardcover
Kluwer Law International ISBN 9789041128287
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There is a growing clamor ? particularly from the main beneficiaries of
globalization ? that rules need to be established to govern the international
economy, with a specific focus on questions such as copyright violations,
trade sanctions, and protections for increased foreign investment.

While there is little doubt that globalization is a major contributor to
changes in the definition, boundaries and nature of law, the question remains
as to how much law and regulation from different sources is compatible with
the assumptions of economic globalization. From a market perspective the point
at which state law and regulation move from ‘legitimate’ non-economic
interests into the ‘illegitimate’ restriction of trade and investment will
materialize much sooner than it will from other perspectives. These
theoretical questions arise in concrete form for the decisions of
international economic institutions such as the WTO.

This thoughtful work focuses on the different forms of law which create the
legal infrastructure of economic globalization and on how they interact with
one another. It also explains how law is used both to maintain and oppose
aspects of globalization. In addition it evaluates the governance of the
global political economy in terms of the standards of the Rule of Law.
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Arriving in 1988, Laurence Boulle is a founding member of Bond University. Prior to his arrival at Bond he taught at the University of Natal and the University of Adelaide and over time his career has included teaching and working at universities in Europe, Africa, Australasia and North America.

His books on constitutional law, employment law, mediation and dispute resolution have been published in seven countries. He chaired the Federal Government's National Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Council from 1999 to 2003 and is currently a part-time member of the National Native Title Tribunal. The Editor of the ADR Bulletin since 1997, he is also an accredited mediator of the Supreme Court of Queensland.