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Parallel Processing: CONPAR 92 — VAPP V

Second Joint International Conference on Vector and Parallel Processing, Lyon, France, September 1–4, 1992 Proceedings
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1992. Buch. xvii, 853 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
Springer ISBN 978-3-540-55895-8
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This volume presents the proceedings of the joint meeting
CONPAR 92 - VAPP V, held in Lyon, France, September 1992.
The international Conferences on Parallel Processing
(CONPAR) and the meetings on Vector and Parallel Processors
in computational science (VAPP) have been held jointly since
CONPAR 90 - VAPP IV, held in Zurich.
The aim of the meeting presented in this volume is to review
hardware and architecture developmentstogether with
languages and software tools for supporting parallel
processing and to highlight advances in models, algorithms,
andapplications software on vector and parallel
architectures. The papers in the volume are organized into
sections on networks, software tools, distributed
algorithms, dedicated architectures, numerical applications,
systolic algorithms, parallel linear algebra, architectures,
shared virtual memory, load balancing, data parallelism,
parallel algorithms, image processing, compiling and
scheduling, simulation and performance analysis, parallel
artificialintelligence, dataflow architectures, parallel
programming, and poster presentations.



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