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Duality in Vector Optimization

2012. Buch. xvi, 400 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
Springer ISBN 978-3-642-26936-3
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Thecontinuousandincreasinginterestconcerningvectoroptimizationperc- tible in the research community, where contributions dealing with the theory of duality abound lately, constitutes the main motivation that led to writing this book. Decisive was also the research experience of the authors in this ?eld, materialized in a number of works published within the last decade. The need for a book on duality in vector optimization comes from the fact that despite the large amount of papers in journals and proceedings volumes, no book mainly concentrated on this topic was available so far in the scienti?c landscape. There is a considerable presence of books, not all recent releases, on vector optimization in the literature. We mention here the ones due to Chen,HuangandYang(cf. [49]),EhrgottandGandibleux(cf. [65]),Eichfelder (cf. [66]), Goh and Yang (cf. [77]), G¨ opfert and Nehse (cf. [80]), G¨ opfert, - ahi, Tammer and Z? alinescu (cf. [81]), Jahn (cf. [104]), Kaliszewski (cf. [108]), Luc (cf. [125]), Miettinen (cf. [130]), Mishra, Wang and Lai (cf. [131,132]) and Sawaragi, Nakayama and Tanino (cf. [163]), where vector duality is at most tangentially treated. We hope that from our e?orts will bene?t not only researchers interested in vector optimization, but also graduate and und- graduate students. The framework we consider is taken as general as possible, namely we work in (locally convex) topological vector spaces, going to the usual ?nite - mensional setting when this brings additional insights or relevant connections to the existing literature.



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The reader will get a comprehensive view on duality for scalar, vector and set-valued optimization problems