Enhancing Medication Adherence

The Public Health Dilemma
2014. Buch. ix, 60 S.: 2 Farbabbildungen, 1 Farbtabelle, Bibliographien. Softcover
Springer Healthcare ISBN 978-1-908517-47-0
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Enhancing Medication Adherence: The Public Health Dilemma is a comprehensive guide to medication adherence for the healthcare professional. Clinicians and pharmacists alike can benefit from key opinion leader and author Hayden Bosworth’s text as he explains the details and causes behind medication nonadherence as well as methods on how healthcare providers can determine if a patient is nonadherent. Additionally, Bosworth discusses various studies, which assess adherence, adherence-related technology, best practices for clinicians and pharmacists, and future directions and recommendations in the field.
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Comprehensive and concise text, regarding medication adherence, especially in regards to compliance and chronic disorders (eg, HIV, hypertension and other cardiovascular disorders, and neurological disorders) Encourages use of electronic health records and health information technology  Numerous call-out boxes and poignant quotes are highlighted throughout the text to help the reader learn quickly