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Resilient Energy Systems

Renewables: Wind, Solar, Hydro
2012. Buch. viii, 507 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 9789400741881
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Renewable energy systems are playing an important role in the current discourse on energy security and sustainability. Scientific, engineering and economic solutions are adopted, and their is a constant effort to understand mechanisms and options to allow a faster penetration of renewable systems in the current energy mix and energy market.

Readers of this book will have access to information, engineering design and economic solutions for harvesting local and regional energy potential by means of solar, wind, hydro resources. 

It will enable graduate students, researchers, promoters of sustainable energy technologies,consulting engineering experts, knowledgeable public to understand the solutions, methods, techniques suitable for different phases of design and implementation of a large selection of renewable energy technologies, and to identify their sustainability in application and policy.
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New renewable technologies Detailed engineering for solar, wind and hydro related energy technologies Cutting edge theoretical developments