Bosinger / LaBelle / Opgenoorth / Pommereau / Shiokawa / Solomon / Treumann

Dynamic Coupling Between Earth's Atmospheric and Plasma Environments

2012. Buch. xviii, 610 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
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This book describes the relationship between the atmosphere and the external plasma of Earth in an unconventional manner. While the main mechanical energy is located in the dense atmosphere, the presence of Earth's plasma environment, which is immersed in the magnetosphere, causes a number of very interesting effects on the atmosphere. A list of such effects includes magnetic substorms, magnetic storms and aurora to the dynamics of the upper atmosphere, heating, thermal expansion, and vertical and horizontal winds. Particle precipitation produces excess ionization and electric currents, causes electric fields, affects recombination and modifies chemical reactions. These are processes which may become important in the climate. The collected articles provide an overview of these effects.

This volume is aimed at graduate students and researchers active in the areas of atmospheric science and space science.

Previously published in Space Science Reviews, Vol. 168/1-4, 2012.
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Presents the effects and interaction of Earth’s atmospheric and plasma environments on one another by events such as magnetic substorms, thermal expansion and vertical/horizontal winds Discusses the global response of the Ionosphere to atmospheric tides forced from below, as well as recent progress from satellite measurements Explains impulsive coupling between the atmosphere and the Ionosphere/Magnetosphere