Education and Training in Indoor Air Sciences

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, held in Budapest, Hungary, November 14-18, 1998
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Many buildings fail to perform adequately, causing illness and productivity loss among the inhabitants. The growing impact of this problem on people and property values - and the increasing litigation to which it gives rise - clearly reveals the limitations in and piecemeal character of the current education of building and health professionals in addressing the relationship between a building and its occupants.
Education and Training in Indoor Air Sciences introduces examples of existing educational programs that seek to bridge the gap between health and building sciences. The contributors - selected among architects, engineers, clinicians, physicists, psychologists and policymakers - discuss the design of a core curriculum for all those holding a degree within building design, construction, operation and maintenance, investigation, and all occupational / environmental health and general practitioners. The book also examines the obstacles to such a curriculum and ways to overcome them.



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