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Future Visions on Biomedicine and Bioinformatics 2

A Liber Amicorum in Memory of Swamy Laxminarayan
2013. Buch. vi, 106 S.: Bibliographien. Softcover
Springer ISBN 978-3-642-26963-9
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Swamy Laxminarayan was an outstanding researcher active in many diverse fields of science and technology. He was one of the most prominent biomedical scientists and his ideas influenced the Biomedical Technology substantially. This book tries to provide an overview on the multiple achievements of Swamy Laxminarayan. It presents a collection of his most outstanding publications and an overview on his outstanding life. This Volume is the second part of the liber amicorum in Memory of Swamy Laxminarayan.



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Presents scientific papers with high impact on the Biomedical Science and Technology Collects the most important works of Swamy Laxminarayan Recounts and memorializes the enormous personal and scientific achievements