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Future Visions on Biomedicine and Bioinformatics 1

A Liber Amicorum in Memory of Swamy Laxminarayan
2011. Buch. vi, 168 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 978-3-642-15050-0
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Swamy Laxminarayan was an outstanding researcher active in many diverse fields of science and technology.
This liber amicorum in memory of Swamy Laxminarayan collects Medical and Biological Engineering and Informatics contributions to the Safety and Security of Individuals and Society. The authors are renowned scientists and the aim of their writing is to recall the enormous personal and scientific achievement of Swamy Laxminarayan.



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Collects Medical and Biological Engineering Contributions on the Safety and Security of Individuals and Society Written by very renowned scientists from Biomedical Engineering and Medical Informatics Recounts and memorializes the enormous personal and scientific achievements of Swamy Laxminarayan