Bortolani / Furley / Nagel / Quack

Cultural Plurality in Ancient Magical Texts and Practices

Graeco-Egyptian Handbooks and Related Traditions
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2019. Buch. 390 S. Hardcover
Mohr Siebeck ISBN 978-3-16-156478-9
Format (B x L): 170 x 240 cm
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A conference held in Heidelberg in 2014 resulted in this collection of essays, which explore the multifaceted aspects of magical texts and practices in antiquity, focusing especially on the Graeco-Egyptian magical papyri. The authors concentrate on questions of cultural plurality and fusion, ranging from earlier Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Greek magico-religious traditions, through the original developments of Graeco-Roman Egypt, up to and including their integration into Jewish and Byzantine magical lore.
Contributors:Alessia Bellusci, Gideon Bohak, Ljuba M. Bortolani, Christopher A. Faraone, William Furley, Richard Gordon, Adria Haluszka, Franziska Naether, Svenja Nagel, Richard Phillips, Joachim Friedrich Quack, Marcela Ristorto, Daniel Schwemer, Michael Zellmann-Rohrer
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