Reise nach Constantinopel, Palästina und Egypten

oder: Lebendiger Beweis, wie gnädig Gott dem durchhilft, der seine Hoffnung auf ihn setzet. Ueberarbeitet von David Traugott Kopf
Berlin 1825. Reprint: Hildesheim 2005. Buch. 261 S. Hardcover
Olms ISBN 978-3-487-12968-6
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Partly as a result of the epoch-making travelogues by Carsten Niebuhr, Ulrich Jasper Seetzen and Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, 19th-century Europe saw the onset of an enthusiasm for the Orient which rapidly spread to other people besides scientists and explorers.
Of the numerous accounts written by interested laymen, a special status is attached to the “Reise nach Constantinopel, Palästina und Egypten” by Johann Friedrich Julius Borsum, a tailor’s assistant who grew up not far from Hildesheim. Although it was first published by a small Berlin publishing house in 1825, the book was printed several times within the space of a few years. It seems that many readers were able to identify with Borsum’s description of strange worlds. Oriental customs and practices were a particular source of fascination for him. Borsum considered the dangers he sometimes encountered on his arduous journey as tests sent by God. His report demonstrates a surprising lack of prejudice towards other nationalities. In its finest moments, it recalls romantic tales by Eichendorff or Tieck.
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