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Borsdorf / Stötter / Veulliet

Managing Alpine Future II "Inspire and drive sustainable mountain regions"

Proceedings of the Innsbruck Conference November 21-23, 2011

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2011. Buch. 464 S. Softcover

Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. ISBN 978-3-7001-7153-9

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Path to the summit – inspire and drive sustainable mountain regions
Johann Stötter, Axel Borsdorf & Eric Veulliet

Spatial Planning

Participation in mountain forest management– the role of group building for the outcome of participation processes: two case studies from Bavaria
Dominik Himmler, Klaus Wagner & Michael Suda
Applicability and appropriateness of risk prevention measures in mountain areas assessment of the Hazard Zone Plan (HZP) in South Tyrol – an Applied Risk Management tool
Steffen Link, Christian Hoffmann, Willigis Gallmetzer & Rudolf Pollinger
Bolivian Andes: from climate change to human displacements?
Raoul Kaenzi
Designing sustainable pathways: the Highlands and Islands of Scotland in transition. Findings from empirical case studies in the Western Isles
Ingo Mose & Marta Jacuniak-Suda
Land-use change in Yaylas of the eastern Black Sea mountains, Turkey
Mehmet Somuncu, Nevin Akpinar, Nilay Çabuk Kaya, Ekrem Kurum & Tanyel Özelçi
Challenges and opportunities for the sustainability of mountain municipalities in
Carla Marchant Santiago & Rafael Sánchez
Analysing changes in flood risks in an Alpine catchment
Annegret Thieken, Holger Cammerer, Christian Dobler, Johannes Lammel, Axel Bronstert,
Johann Stötter & Friedrich Schöberl
Approaching water stress in the Alps: transdisciplinary coproduction of systems, target and transformation knowledge
Flurina Schneider
Water balance and global change: future perspectives for alpine farming
Georg Leitinger, Erich Tasser, Nikolaus Obojes, Dagmar Rubatscher & Ulrike Tappeiner
Securing hydrological ecosystem services through catchment-wide land-use management
Adrienne Grêt-Regamey, Harald Bugmann, Paolo Burlando, Enrico Celio, Guillaume de
Buren, Thomas Koellner, Peter Knoepfel, Christoforos Pappas & Andrea Ryffel
Assessment of climate change impacts on floods in an Alpine watershed
Christian Dobler

Climate Change

Changes in the glacial and periglacial environment of the European Alps and the Central Asian mountains and their socio-economic implications - a comparison
Martin Mergili, Bernhard Müllebner, Chris Kopf & Jean F. Schneider
Changes in the monsoon pattern and its impact on water resources in the Himalayas: community responses and adaptation
Prakash C. Tiwari & Bhagwati Joshi
A new permafrost and mass movement monitoring test site in the Eastern Alps – concept and first results of the MOREXPERT project
Markus Keuschnig, Ingo Hartmeyer, Jan-Christoph Otto & Lothar Schrott

Natural Resources and Ecology

Leaf and ecosystem response of mountain grassland gas exchange to soil water availability
Georg Wohlfahrt, Lukas Hörtnagl, Albin Hammerle, Alois Haslwanter, Armin Hansel,
Francesco Loreto & Federico Brilli
Land use and biodiversity: an indicator set supporting sustainable development
Johannes Rüdisser, Martin Schönhart, Erwin Schmid, Franz Sinabell, Ulrike Tappeiner &
Erich Tasser
Adapting mountain forest management to climate change
Robert Jandl
Forest fire research and management options in Austria: lessons learned from the AFFRI and the ALP-FFIRS networks
Harald Vacik & Hartmut Gossow
Multidisciplinary assessments of trail degradation for framing future trail management: examination in Shei-Pa National Park, Taiwan
Yen-Liang Lee & Teiji Watanabe
Vegetation on Alpine rockglaciers
Lorenzo Rieg, Rudolf Sailer & Johann Stötter
Tourism and Energy
The vulnerability of Swiss Alpine tourism to climate change – an analysis of its causes, magnitude, and spatial heterogeneity
Cecilia Matasci
Effects of climate change on future snow conditions, winter tourism and economy in Tyrol and Styria (Austria): CC-Snow, an interdisciplinary project
Ulrich Strasser, Andreas Gobiet, Johann Stötter, Hannes Kleindienst, Friedrich Zimmermann, Karl Steininger, Franz Prettenthaler, Andrea Damm, Florian Hanzer, Judith Köberl, Thomas Lang, Armin Leuprecht, Thomas Marke, David Osebik, Hansjörg Ragg, Robert Steiger, Christoph Töglhofer & Renate Wilcke
Analysis of the sensitivity of ski tourism demand to climate change in Switzerland
Camille Gonseth & Cecilia Matasci
Will Alpine summer tourism benefit from climate change? A review.
Bruno Abegg & Robert Steiger
Australian snow tourist’s perceptions of climate change: implications for the Queenstown Lakes region of New Zealand
Debbie Hopkins, Susanne Becken & Jordy Hendrikx
Climate change impacts on Austrian ski areas
Robert Steiger & Bruno Abegg
Alpine airports as gateways for growing incoming ski tourism: relevance and spatial impacts
Tobias Behnen
Renewable energy in winter sports destinations – desired, ignored or rejected?
Ulrike Pröbstl, Alexandra Jiricka & Florian Hindinger
Impacts of weather variability and climate change on tourism in Austria
Judith Köberl, Andreas Gobiet, Georg Heinrich, Armin Leuprecht, Franz Prettenthaler & Christoph Töglhofer
Climate change and winter tourism – a stakeholders’ perspective in the Tyrol
Lisa Trawöger

Society and Culture

Alpine agriculture – future water scarcity and options for agriculture
Klaus Wagner, Julia Neuwirth & Hubert Janetschek
Investigation concerning the evolution of the term “comfort” in contemporary
Alpine consumer architecture
Andreas Flora
The Alps: creative summits or unimagitative valleys? Culture and creativity as potential drivers for regional development in Alpine border regions – the example of the “Alpine Rhine Valley”
Julia Scharting
Tourist destinations and place development in Norwegian mountain areas
Terje Skjeggedal & Kjell Overvåg
New demographic developments and their cultural impact on the Italian Alps
Roland Löffler, Michael Beismann, Judith Walder & Ernst Steinicke
Do we need to consider gender equality for sustainable regional development?
Mathilde Schmitt
The question of a common ground: attitudes towards conflict management among stakeholders of protected areas in Iceland and Japan
Harald Schaller & Haukur Ingi Jónasson
The landscape-language relationship in the Raetho-Romanic Alps. A production and development factor of the territory
Loredana Ponticelli


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