Borrmann / Klassen / Spatscheck

International Social Work

Social Problems, Cultural Issues and Social Work Education
1., Aufl. 2007. Buch. 189 S. Softcover
Barbara Budrich ISBN 978-3-86649-087-1
Format (B x L): 14,8 x 21 cm
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The book focuses on three key issues of international social work: - on international dimensions of social problems and how social work practice can deal with these challenges, - on cultural issues social workers have to- think of when practicing, teaching an- developing social work on an international- level and finally - on aspects of international approaches in social work education. The authors are practicing and teaching social- work in several countries and their personal- and educational background allowed them to- gain a profound experience on international- social work. This makes the authors not only- writing about international perspectives but- also from an international perspective.
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