Bornstein / Wiener / Schopp / Willborn

Civil Juries and Civil Justice

Psychological and Legal Perspectives
2007. Buch. xii, 286 S.: Bibliographien. Hardcover
Springer ISBN 978-0-387-74488-9
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At last, here is an empirical volume that addresses head-on the thorny issue of tort reform in the US. Ongoing policy debates regarding tort reform have led both legal analysts and empirical researchers to reevaluate the civil jury’s role in meting out civil justice. Some reform advocates have called for removing certain types of more complex cases from the jury’s purview; yet much of the policy debate has proceeded in the absence of data on what the effects of such reforms would be. In addressing these issues, this crucial work takes an empirical approach, relying on archival and experimental data. It stands at the vanguard of the debate and provides information relevant to both state and national civil justice systems.



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Replaces the rhetoric of tort reform with data Addresses issues of civil jury policy from an empirical perspective Describe things civil juries do well, things they do not so well, and offers suggestions for improvement Discusses the “flashpoints” of the civil justice debate, including medical malpractice, punitive damages, and pain and suffering awards