Crowdfunding - A successful Way of New Venture Financing?

2016. Buch. 204 S. Hardcover
tredition ISBN 978-3-7345-1808-9
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There are plenty of crowdfunding platforms and all of them seem to provide a great possibility for inventors, entrepreneurs and creatives to reach out to their audience for financial support for their new projects or ideas. “Crowdfunding – A successful Way of New Venture Financing?” is providing an overview over the main elements of the new venture creation process, with a special focus on crowdfunding, the different crowdfunding models and their success factors. Who is an entrepreneur? Are there different types of entrepreneurs? Which are the important resources for a new venture and how can entrepreneurs use crowdfunding as a tool to successfully fund a new venture? What are common funding possibilities for a new venture and what role plays crowdfunding? What was the main difference between crowdfunding financed new ventures that failed after the crowdfunding campaign and the new ventures that managed to become a successful operating company? This book, written by Alexander Pascal Borner, combines everything and is focused on identifying the key elements for the success of crowdfunding-financed new ventures.
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