The Surface and the Abyss

Nietzsche as Philosopher of Mind and Knowledge
2016. Buch. 623 S. Softcover
De Gruyter ISBN 978-3-11-048160-0
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Peter Bornedal provides an interpretation of Nietzsche’s philosophy as a whole in the context of 19th century philosophy of mind and cognition. The study explains Nietzsche’s notion of truth; his epistemology; his notions of the split and fragmented subject, of master, slave, and priest; furthermore, it offers a new interpretation of the enigmatic “eternal recurrence”. It also suggests how important aspects of Nietzsche’s thinking can be read as a sophisticated critique of ideology. From studies in Nietzsche’s work as a whole, not least in his so-called Nachgelassene Fragmente, thebook reconstructs aspects of Nietzsche’s thinking that have largely been under-described in especially the Anglo-Saxon Nietzsche-reception. The study makes the case that Nietzsche in his epistemology, his psychology, and his cognitive theory is responding to several scientific discoveries occuring during the 19th century. Read within the context of contemporary cognitive-psychological-evolutionary debates, Nietzsche’s philosophy is seen as far more scientistic, and far less poetical-metaphysical, than it has in recent reception-history been received.
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