Bioprospects of Coastal Eubacteria

Ecosystems of Goa
2015. Buch. xvii, 294 S.: 19 s/w-Abbildungen, 65 Farbabbildungen, 24 s/w-Tabelle, Bibliographien. Hardcover
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This book is a collection of scholarly articles presenting the research results of work carried out under the supervision of Prof. Saroj Bhosle, a microbiologist at Goa University, India.The objective of this volume is to document the comprehensive ecological knowledge of eubacteria isolated from diverse coastal ecosystems of Goa, little explored for microbiological studies. These ecosystems need to be properly tapped in order to reveal potential bacteria yet to be exploited. The topics of this book are particularly relevant to researchers and students in the field of microbiology with an interest in the varied aspects of eubacteria. They provide academic insight for scientific communities in Goa and the rest of the world.



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Compiled study done with bacteria from terrestrial and coastal ecosystems of Goa which range from general bacteria to extremophiles Research and application oriented book that describes products and applications of eubacteria Wide selection of updated references listed with each chapter
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