Laser Microdissection

2nd International Conference, Geneva, September 2000. Special Topic Issue: Pathobiology 2000, Vol. 68, No. 4-5
2001. Buch. 80 S. Softcover
S.Karger ISBN 978-3-8055-7208-8
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In recent years much progress has been made both in the laser microdissection microscope technology and in the downstream methods of analyzing the microdissected material. This special issue contains the proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Laser Microdissection, held in Geneva in September 2000. It includes articles on a variety of topics including the problems of clonality and microheterogeneity of solid tumors the usefulness of microanalysis in non-neoplastic tissues and in the investigation of graft chimerism after solid organ transplantation the quantitative molecular analysis of laser-microdissected paraffin-embedded human tissues the pros and cons of combining immunohisto-chemistry and laser capture microdissection the optimization of PCR conditions for micro-dissected materials the use of microdissection for diagnostic purposes and for prefertilization genetic diagnosis Giving a complete picture of the state of the art in laser microdissection and its applications this progress report will be of special interest to pathologists, histologists, cell and molecular biologists, and oncologists.
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