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Translational Research in Breast Cancer

Special Topic Issue: Pathobiology 2008, Vol. 75, No. 2
2008. Buch. 98 S. Softcover
S.Karger ISBN 978-3-8055-8601-6
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The worldwide incidence of breast cancer, the leading cause of cancer deaths among women, is increasing dramatically. Today’s challenge, especially in the field of breast cancer, is the transfer of recent knowledge in molecular and cellular biology of cancer into advances in the clinic as rapidly and practically as possible. This special issue provides the reader with the latest results in genetics from genomic expression profiling of new types of breast cancer to the importance of isolated circulating tumor cells for the prognosis and management of breast cancer patients. Translational Research in Breast Cancer offers concise and up-to-date information to all gynecologists, senologist surgeons, oncologists, pathologists, breast cancer nurses, basic researchers in the field and a larger audience in the medical community interested in being quickly updated on the state of breast cancer research.
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