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Bordini / Dastani / Dix / El Fallah Seghrouchni

Programming Multi-Agent-Systems

4th International Workshop, ProMAS 2006, Hakodate, Japan, May 9, 2006, Revised and Invited Papers

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2007. Buch. xiv, 250 S. Bibliographien. Softcover

Springer. ISBN 978-3-540-71955-7

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These are the proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Programming Multi-AgentSystems (ProMAS2006),held onMay9,2006in Hakodate(Japan) asanassociatedeventofAAMAS 2006:themaininternationalconferenceon- tonomous agents and multi-agent systems (MAS). ProMAS 2006 was the fourth of a series of workshops that is attracting the increasing attention of researchers and practitioners in multi-agent systems. The idea of organizing the ?rst workshop of the series was ?rst discussed duringthe DagstuhlseminarProgrammingMulti-AgentSystemsBasedonLogic (see[6]),wherethefocus wasonlogic-based approaches. Itwasfeltthatthescope should be broadened beyond logic-based approaches, thus giving the current scope and aims of ProMAS [see [4] for the proceedings of the ?rst workshop (ProMAS2003),[1] for the proceedingsof the second workshop(ProMAS2004), and [3] for the proceedings of the third workshop (ProMAS 2005)]. All four events of the series were held as AAMAS workshops. Besides the ProMAS Steering Committee (Rafael Bordini, Mehdi Dastani, J¨ urgenDix,andAmalElFallahSeghrouchni),anAgentLinkIIITechnicalForum Group on Programming Multi-Agent Systems has been very active in the last couple of years (see details on that group). Moreover, we have edited a book on Multi-Agent Programming [2], andProMAS2007willbe heldwith AAMAS 2007onMay12or13,inHonolulu, Hawaii (see for up-to-date information about ProMAS). At the next edition of this workshop series, ProMAS 2007, a Multi-Agent Contestwasorganized(see[5]and


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