Borchers / Vitikainen

On Exit

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Right of Exit in Liberal Multicultural Societies
2012. Buch. VIII, 201 S. Hardcover
De Gruyter ISBN 978-3-11-027082-2
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Within liberal multicultural societies, the right of exit has assumed prominent position in the negotiations between the basic rights of individuals and the rights of cultural or religious groups to govern their internal affairs. The nature, role and scope of application of such a right are, however, dependent on various factors. These include the character of the group from which one wishes to leave, the surrounding society to which one wishes to enter, the role and status of the person who wants to exit, as well as the framework within which the responsibilities of different actors (individuals, groups, state) are negotiated. Whereas the right of exit is one of the central elements of any liberal democracy, several theoretical as well as practical difficulties persist. On Exit addresses some of the most pressing theoretical difficultiesand gives normative guidance to the more concrete issues of cultural accommodation.Amongst thecontributors to the volume are included political scientists, philosophers, legal scholars and experts on religion, thus providing genuinely interdisciplinary perspectives on the issues on exit.


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