Memoirs of Victorian Working-Class Women

The Hard Way Up
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2017 2018. Buch. xiv, 343 S.: 20 s/w-Abbildungen, Bibliographien. Softcover
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This volume is the first to identify a significant body of life narratives by working-class women and to demonstrate their inherent literary significance. Placing each memoir within its generic, historical, and biographical context, this book traces the shifts in such writings over time, examines the circumstances which enabled working-class women authors to publish their life stories, and places these memoirs within a wider autobiographical tradition. Additionally, Memoirs of Victorian Working-Class Women enables readers to appreciate the clear-sightedness, directness, and poignancy of these works.
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Discusses a rich array of texts written by working class women during the Victorian period, including extended diaries, protest and reform-minded memoirs, accounts of religious vocations, and “self-help” narratives Fills a much needed and neglected scholarly gap through its accumulation and synthesis of Victorian working-class women Provides in-depth analysis of each woman’s writing, considering the literary, social, and regional influences on each author