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Rasch Analysis in the Human Sciences

Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2014 2016. Buch. 500 S. Previously published in hardcover. Softcover
Springer Netherlands ISBN 9789401778442
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Rasch Analysis in the Human Sciences helps individuals, both students and researchers, master the key concepts and resources needed to use Rasch techniques for analyzing data from assessments to measure variables such as abilities, attitudes, and personality traits. Upon completion of the text, readers will be able to confidently evaluate the strengths and weakness of existing instrumentation, compute linear person measures and item measures, interpret Wright Maps, utilize Rasch software, and understand what it means to measure in the Human Sciences. Each of the 24 chapters presents a key concept using a mix of theory and application of user-friendly Rasch software. Chapters also include a beginning and ending dialogue between two typical researchers learning Rasch, "Formative Assessment Check Points," sample data files, an extensive set of application activities with answers, a one paragraph sample research article text integrating the chapter topic, quick-tips, and suggested readings. Rasch Analysis in the Human Sciences will be an essential resource for anyone wishing to begin, or expand, their learning of Rasch measurement techniques, be it in the Health Sciences, Market Research, Education, or Psychology. 

Previously published in hardcover
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Offers step-by-step instruction on how-to use Rasch analysis 

Features a combination of Rasch conversations, Rasch data analyses, Rasch theory, and formative assessments 

Written for a broad audience as an introductory text: light on the mathematics, heavy on the practical aspects, and clear on the concepts and theory 

All activities and tables utilize user-friendly (and free) Ministeps Rasch software  that prepares readers to confidently utilize Rasch Winsteps software