Organizing Puerto Rican Migrant Farmworkers

The Experience of Puerto Ricans in New Jersey
1988. Buch. 260 S. Hardcover
Peter Lang New York ISBN 978-0-8204-0582-7
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This book discusses and examines the organizational effectiveness of CATA (Comite de Apoyo a Trabajadores Agricolas), a Puerto Rican Migrant Farmworkers organization, in New Jersey. It focuses on the relationship between change in organizational structure and effectiveness of the Puerto Rican Migrant Farmworkers movement as it underwent development. The author concludes that the Puerto Rican migrant farmworkers organizing movement is characterized as a migrant farmworker proletarian formation. The movement has historically shown conflict between democracy and centralism, theory and practice, and nationalism and paternalism. This study serves as a successful model for organizing migrant farmworkers in this country.
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